TV on the Radio at Sound Academy in Toronto


“Dear Science” was one of my favourite albums of 2008. The lyrics were inspiring, the rhythms infectious. Needless to say then, I was quite excited to finally see TVOTR live. But unfortunately, I had to see them at the Sound Academy in Toronto. One of the city’s worst venues. A claustrophobic cave with some of the least flattering acoustics outside of a rubber room. TVOTR were good but the venue was so disappointing I drank myself very close to Hades . . . in the end, blacking and blurring out most of the evening. Hangover scale the next morn: 8.8/10. Beastly. Avoid the Sound Academy unless The Beatles and Michael Jackson are playing there.

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One Response to “TV on the Radio at Sound Academy in Toronto”

  1. frederickfoxtrott Says:

    If you are ever in NYC, never visit Terminal 5. Awful does not begin to describe it. Yikes!

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