Elsewhere on the Interwebs

INAUDIBLE has expanded a touch as of late and is now writing music reviews for Juno Records. Click on the album covers to check ’em out. The Scuba mix is dope and the new Pantha du Prince is fucking fantastique!

               Scuba – Sub:stance                      Pantha du Prince

I also had the pleasure of doing an interview with Rameses III and reviewed the band’s latest album “I Could Not Love You More” for Headphone Commute. Click on the cover to magically take you there. And thanks for reading everyone.

Rameses III

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3 Responses to “Elsewhere on the Interwebs”

  1. hot sauce Says:

    hey, awesome. we’re like juno neighbours.

  2. mmmlele Says:

    I know, it’s crazy eh? We’re Juno’s Canadian contingency.

  3. hot sauce Says:

    good stuff. you beat me to the punch with the insane Scuba mix cd. picked up last week. That Tempest track by Ramadanman is wicked!


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