Major Lazer – Get Free (ft. Amber)

For quite awhile now I’ve considered Diplo to be one of the most stand up dudes in the electronic scene – a versatile and prolific producer, always at the very forefront of new trends in electronic and bass music. With latest single “Get Free”, his work with Switch and company as Major Lazer, he’s switched gears a bit from the infectious in-your-face bounce and bass heavy tracks to a more soothing mellow vibe.

Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors elevates the song with longing vocals making this one of the most stunning tracks of 2012. I doubt the rest of the new Major Lazer album will sound like this, but as a one-off single it just doesn’t get any better. Best song of the year. Hands down. Video is amazing too. Check ’em.

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One Response to “Major Lazer – Get Free (ft. Amber)”

  1. mmmlele Says:

    Craziest video of the year, check this too:

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