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This Town Needs Guns – Animals (2008)

August 1, 2012

Guilty pleasure alert right here! But at the same time, Oxford rockers, This Town Needs Guns, are a great band that are sadly underrated and seemingly unknown outside of Europe. Think early Incubus meets Don Caballero meets Karate meets Minus The Bear. Despite the weak attempt at a concept album – every track on Animals is named after a different animal – this is a helluva debut, showcasing tons of technical ability and crazy time signatures. The songs are loaded with great melodies and the most emo vocals one can comfortably handle courtesy of rhythm guitarist, Stuart Smith. I have no doubt that many will be immediately turned off by their ‘sound’, but I have a soft spot for this sort of mathy-indie-emo-post rock shit. The sibling combination of Tim and Chris Collis on guitar and drums respectively is alone worth a listen. These guys are tight, their hooks are catchy, and the result is strangely addictive. Check it.