An Education

For the past two years I have been teaching Grade 12 English at a questionable private school in downtown Toronto. The majority of the kids come from China, with vague hopes of getting into a Canadian University. The amount of hard work and dedication my students have shown throughout the years was incredible. I was truly blessed to be surrounded by these future leaders.

Many of them were addicted to various computer games which they played late into the night. Reading anything longer than two pages was a painful struggle which most could not complete before falling asleep.

These kids had some interesting English names. Here are a few of my favourite: Ocean, Rock, Sky, Fish, Magic, Energy, Lancer, Aquamarine, Trance, Plantain, Crane, Seven, and Rick.

Their grammar was a fantastic jumble of confusion. Their habits of rampant plagiarism and cheating was unparallel. Catching a student cheating and then wildly berating him/her in front of the entire class was perhaps my only pleasure. But to be fair, they weren’t all bad. A whopping ten percent of the 200+ slack-jawed monsters that slept and farted in my classes were impressive. Ambitious, creative, and intelligent kids, with a genuine willingness to LEARN. Thanks to the few among many.

And now I have happily quit this job, never to return, and quickly to forget. I will be going back to skoool in the fall to get me some more educations so I can get a real job and finally become one of them real live adults I see walking around everywhere. Wish me luck.

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6 Responses to “An Education”

  1. Dalb Says:

    Wishing you all the best!

  2. mmmlele Says:


  3. Blair Trewartha Says:

    Thank God you finally quit. Hilarious, by the way….you brought back fond, painful memories to me.

  4. mmmlele Says:

    painful indeed…so glad this long, dry chapter is finally finito.

  5. Vincent Wan Says:

    This is the truth,
    Unfortunately, I had studied in this awful school for a year,
    But thank god, I am in a Great University now,
    I guess we are all students right now,
    hope to see you again!
    Good luck !

  6. mmmlele Says:

    Haha. Vincent you were one of the good ones. I’m glad you’ve made it to University. Work hard and have a good first year…

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