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Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner (Ghostly)

September 20, 2010

For Juno Records

The buzz has been building for fledgling Chelmsford, Essex producer Gold Panda for awhile now, and after lauded remixes for the likes of Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, HEALTH, and Lemonade (to name a few), as well as the release of some quality singles, Gold Panda has dropped his debut album Lucky Shiner on the cusp of autumn.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gold Panda’s sound, an immediate reference point could be imagining the gifted lovechild of Four Tet and The Field. But this is not to imply that GP sounds too much like either of these artists, just that his music evokes them. Therefore, beatier tracks like “Vanilla Minus”, “Snow & Taxis”, and “Marriage” will no doubt remind listeners of The Field’s knack for hypnotic loop-based techno. Yet what makes it different is Gold Panda’s talent for adding a distinct emotional element to his songs, one that is quite strong but doesn’t fully reveal itself until repeated listens.

Gold Panda’s ability to eke out emotion, coupled with a quirky, more abstract air, is where the Four Tet comparison comes in — with tracks like “Same Dream China”, “After We Talked”, and the already revered “You”, being excellent examples of this side of Gold Panda’s musical palette. “Same Dream China” is an early highlight, which features Steve Reich chimes that build on a loop, subtle bass, and a tweaked sample of a traditional stringed Chinese instrument. It’s one of those tracks that might elude you at first, but after a few spins have you playing on repeat.

There really is something infectious with Lucky Shiner, which simply comes down to the fact that it invokes an introspective yet warm mood in the end — one that seems to correspond snugly with the beginning of the autumn season. There are no lyrics throughout the album, but it still plays out as deeply personal, and judging by the track titles this seems to be the case. Hence, what we have is a smattering of Gold Panda’s autobiography thus far, told aurally rather than orally, with a touch of his passion for Eastern cultures thrown in for good measure. Lucky Shiner is a solid and diverse debut, and worth every bit of anticipation and hype bestowed upon it. Check it.

Nosaj Thing at Wrongbar in Toronto

August 31, 2009


30 August 2009

Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing made his Toronto debut last night at Wrongbar. He delivered a tight set filled with fractured beats, airy synths, and knob twiddles aplenty. The show was really quite good, so it’s a shame that the crowd was a sparse group of head-bobbers, seemingly too hungover from the weekend to move more than their necks. His set was definitely dance worthy, and so on behalf of the city of Toronto I apologize to you Nosaj Thing, please don’t get the wrong impression of Canada, we really do know how to throw down, you just caught us at a bad time. Come back and we’ll make it up to you, I swear. I could understand if he didn’t want to come back, when barely 40 people showed and nobody even moved to his music – he on the other hand, was going wild on stage, groovin to the beat, as he modulated and tweaked cuts from his recent release “Drift”.

Overall, it was an impressive outing from this young talent, however, I felt the sound at Wrongbar was kinda flat and did not bump as much as it should. Seeing Flying Lotus earlier this summer has ruined any chance for another artist in the glitch-hop scene to play a better show than his off-the-hook performance at Tattoo, but with a little more time and practice, Nosaj will be right up there with him. If you haven’t heard “Drift” yet, check it out. It’s available through Alpha Pup Records. I’m out.