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Wild Nothing at Wrongbar in Toronto

February 21, 2011

17 February 2011

Wild Nothing played their Toronto debut to a sold out crowd at Wrongbar and sounded almost as good as the fight I saw between a cat and a raccoon on the walk home. I was stoked to see Jack Tatum bring his bedroom project out into the world, but sadly he should have stayed home. I love his two albums Gemini and the Golden Haze EP, but unfortunately the live Wild Nothing experience only hampers what is a budding career and an impressive string of releases for the young musician.

Tatum records everything himself for his albums, where he is able to have complete control, but for the live show he recruited a band for the tour and they pretty much sucked. Sure they hit all the notes, but they were obviously still working out some kinks and the show was sloppy at best.

Worst of all: Tatum’s voice. Man, he truly CANNOT sing live. In his studio he can manipulate his voice and play with his falsetto, but on stage he was tone deaf, off key, and didn’t even dare try the high notes, going lower instead and sounding just plain bad.

I’d love to give the young band the benefit of the doubt, but after two failed attempts at playing “Gemini” due to sound problems and then trying it again for a third time I left, happy to be free to breathe in the crisp night air. What a let down. My advice is to stay home and listen to the albums instead and pray that Tatum rethinks his entire live show and reconsiders what it is he really wants to do with his Wild Nothing project.

Hudson Mohawke at Wrongbar in Toronto

March 27, 2010

25 March 2010

Ross Birchard aka Hud Mo played to a wild and packed house at Wrongbar Thursday night. Returning to Toronto after two years for his proper Hogtown ‘debut’, the young producer (who recently released his full-length Butter on Warp), had the crowd acting as if they were at a rock concert. People were crowd surfing, moshing, jumping up on stage, and just going ape shit as he ripped through tracks from his last few releases. It was a great vibe and Hud Mo seemed totally excited at the capacity crowd’s reaction as he threw down his bass heavy crunked beats and “wonky” sounds. To be honest, I find Butter hard to listen to all the way through. It’s a really eclectic mix of almost too many things slapped together, however, it totally worked live, and I was glad I was able to catch this upstart musician at a small venue, cuz he’s about to blow right the fuck up.

A big props has to go out to local promoter and DJ mymanhenri who has helped bring some great talent to Toronto: Flying Lotus, Falty DL, Nosaj Thing, Mayer Hawthorne, Joker, DâM-FunK, and Hudson Mo are just some of the artists he’s helped usher in over the last year. He’s becoming known as a tastemaker around town and deserves all the cred he can get. Please keep it up my man! Good times all around.


Nosaj Thing at Wrongbar in Toronto

August 31, 2009


30 August 2009

Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing made his Toronto debut last night at Wrongbar. He delivered a tight set filled with fractured beats, airy synths, and knob twiddles aplenty. The show was really quite good, so it’s a shame that the crowd was a sparse group of head-bobbers, seemingly too hungover from the weekend to move more than their necks. His set was definitely dance worthy, and so on behalf of the city of Toronto I apologize to you Nosaj Thing, please don’t get the wrong impression of Canada, we really do know how to throw down, you just caught us at a bad time. Come back and we’ll make it up to you, I swear. I could understand if he didn’t want to come back, when barely 40 people showed and nobody even moved to his music – he on the other hand, was going wild on stage, groovin to the beat, as he modulated and tweaked cuts from his recent release “Drift”.

Overall, it was an impressive outing from this young talent, however, I felt the sound at Wrongbar was kinda flat and did not bump as much as it should. Seeing Flying Lotus earlier this summer has ruined any chance for another artist in the glitch-hop scene to play a better show than his off-the-hook performance at Tattoo, but with a little more time and practice, Nosaj will be right up there with him. If you haven’t heard “Drift” yet, check it out. It’s available through Alpha Pup Records. I’m out.